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I trained primarily as a drama teacher in London (in the late 1980’s). I then ran away to France, where I spent 10 formative years in Paris with ACT, an English theatre-in-education company run by Andrew Wilson, where we toured shows in schools. Two of the plays were turned into tv films for France 3, which I also acted in. At the same time, I took further training with Monika Pagneux, Nola Rae and Jacques Lecoq.

In other stage work, I created the role of Tony, in Abigail’s Party (Mike Leigh) for Dear Conjunction, in Paris in 1996.

On screen, I”m playing a grumpy police inspector  in Les Traducteurs, with Lambert Wilson and Alex Lawther, directed by Régis Roinsard. I played literary critic Richard Hoggart, in the Le procès de Lady Chatterley, the Arte documentary about the trial of the publication of  DH Lawrence’s novel. In 2011, I played the prison sergeant, in Jeanne Captive, directed by Philippe Ramos, where I tortured Clémence Poésy and Mathieu Amalric. Other parts on French tv include roles in  Alias Caracalla and RIS, police scientifique.

I also act regularly in corporate theatre projects, in particular for Bord de Scène, as well as in corporate films. I’m equally at home presenting or acting.

Film & TV

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Le procès de Lady Chatterley

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Kester Lovelace | Corporate Demo

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