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I’ve worked with Kester for over 10 years. Aside from his many qualities as an actor - he is able to show fantasy in his expression while retaining a serious attitude to his work - he is someone that I can trust implicitly with missions: always attentive to detail, ready to work, and on the look out for the best solutions for fellow actors and audience. His talent, his boundless energy and the pleasure he takes in acting make him one of the leading English-speaking actors in the Bord de Scène network!

- Luc Gentil, Writer and director. Founder of BORD DE SCENE

For the fifteen years that I’ve been working with him, Kester’s work has stayed fresh and incisive. In both voice-over and character work, his work is simple without being simplistic, and above all, he achieves quality work in quick time.

- Etienne de Nanteuil, OCTOPUS

It’s always a real pleasure to work with Kester. Apart from having a wonderful voice, he’s always got plenty of propositions up his sleeve, if needed. It’s just a shame that he doesn’t speak medieval Latin :-) Thank you Kester!

- Claire Paillot, THE MIX MEN

I’ve been working with Kester for nearly three years. I’ve had the pleasure of “directing” him on several voiceover and lipsync projects. Directing him is easy as he shows complete technical and artistic mastery of narrations, voiceovers, ads, etc... Whatever you throw at him, Kester delivers brilliantly.  This ensures what production companies love most : quick and excellent results. I highly recommend Kester for any voice jobs you may need.

- James Clermont, Artistic Director, IMAGINE

Voice-overs are, above all, about an actor and acting. Someone who knows how to place his or her voice, modulate it and find subtleties in the text. This is what I look for when I work with Kester. More than just a voice, he’s a complete actor. He can carry the text, give it depth and colour. And so a voice-over artist is not just a voice, but an actor who should be given freedom to express themselves, as an actor and human being. It’s always a good experience to work with Kester: a lovely voice, a lovely actor and a lovely person.

- Sébastien Mezerette, Producteur, 7e BUREAU

I worked ten years with Kester, and he was the voice of trailers for Eurosport Asia-Pacific. Every week, he turned up on time, with a smile, always ready to go and give his best. A delight to work with.

- Antoine Gaultier, Chargé de Production EUROSPORT

…the director, Kester Lovelace, works with realistic precision in a typical English way. The result is stunning. The actors are incredibly true to life: we believe in what they are saying, what they’re thinking and what they’re doing. It’s a play which does much more to promote tolerance than any of the stereotypical stances against homophobia. This is the strength of theatre that works.


Thank you Kester for the quality of your work with Avant-Scène. You’re always ready and willing, efficient and good-humoured.

- Alain Duclos, associate director, AVANT-SCENE CONSEIL